You Don't Have an Email Address?

Fear not! Help is here.

Unfortunately we need an email address to contact you about your website.

What best describes your situation:

After your website is setup and using it's own domain name (e.g., you will also be able to use an email address for the same domain (e.g.

Right now though we need an email address to verify your identity and communicate with you during the creation of your website.

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It is ok to use your personal email address, it will only be used to communicate with you about your website.

It won't be sold on or published on your website (unless you choose to do so).

You can also update your email address any time after you have completed the sign up process.

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If you are looking for a new email address there are many providers out there who can provide you with one, many of which are a free (yay!), including (but not limited to) Google, Apple and Microsoft.

Once you have your email setup don't forget to come back for your free website!